Measurement robot

From 09/14 to 01/15

Group: Maxime + 1 other person

Skills: Dimensioning, CATIA, Sensors, Actuators

In collaboration with the Grandes Distilleries Peureux, this project aimed to measure the height of a liquid contained in storage tanks. To do so, the operator used to climb a ladder to be right in front of the meniscus formed by the liquid, which was considered risky and time consuming. That is why it has been decided to automate the process and therefore realise a robot.
We developed a solution which consists in a cart moving alongside the gauge and carrying an IP camera which sends information via WiFi. The whole application is controled through a National Instruments MyRIO calculating the commands to send to the DC motors. We ended our project with the design for the mechanic part, validated by calculus, and we proposed pre-concepts for both electric and servo parts.
NB : the final presentation video of the project has been realized by other students and is simply shown here to present the final product, derived from our initial work. Credits to Johan Bock, Guillaume Willmann, Romain Wilt and Guillaume Wolff.

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