Gala de Prestige 2014

From 03/14 to 12/14

Group: Maxime + 14 other people

Skills: Management, Planning

UTBM's Gala de Prestige comes right after the graduation ceremony and celebrates new graduates diploma. The evening is divided into 2 parts : a dinner for the graduates and their family and a night show. As manager of the event, I aimed to work on 3 specific axes. First, make the event economically viable while ensuring a continuation in quality. Then improve event's logistic in particular at the cloakroom stand. Finally, increase the number of participants for the dinner.
My main task was to manage a team of 14 people so that everybody could fulfill his part of the work. With a budget of €80.000, we had to find a venue, find artists, define sound/lights specifications, propose food and beverages, create decorations and finally ensure logistic and security plans during all the steps of the event. After more than 8 months of preparation and 3 days of work, the outcome was really positive. According to participants' reviews, the evening has been a success and the financial statement was stable for the first time in a long period. As for data, the Gala de Prestige 2014 gathered 1291 people (incl. approximately 300 people for the dinner) and represents more than 1000 L of beverages sold.
From a personal point of view, this experience was enriching as I had the opportunity to manage and work with people with different backgrounds or age. Furtheermore, it was a unique occasion to challenge myself with a big project a before my studies end.

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