Design of a screw-propelled vehicle

From 02/13 to 06/13

Group: Maxime + 6 other people

Skills: Dimensioning, CATIA, FEA, Management

This project aimed to practice a general approach of product design by applying it on a mechanical system. The final objective was to propose a new concept in accordance with clients specifications while proving its feasability with a physical or digital mock-up. We chose to work on designing an all-terrain screw propelled vehicle because the challenge of thinking about such a vehicle appealed to us.
As a project manager, this work had enabled me to test both my reflexion skills and my capacity to organise a work group. I deeply focused on the team members interactions in order to propose a new innovating concept through multiple steps : setting up of the SADT, preliminary researches on existing concepts, definition of the client needs, definition of the specifications, drawing of the pre-concepts, evaluation of the pre-concepts, definition of the final concept, internal functional analysis, concept modelling on CATIA, concept simulation on CATIA, production of a scale-model.
Our mock-up was presented at the Salon du Véhicule Innovant 2013 in Montbéliard.

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