24h of innovation 2013

In May 2013

Group: Maxime + 8 other people

Skills: Dimensioning, CATIA

Created in 2007 by the engineering institute ESTIA, "The 24h of innovation" is a 24 hours (non stop) challenge to develop innovative concepts of products and services, new usages, creative marketing or communication plan… The projects and topics are proposed by companies, labs, associations and are unveiled at the beginning of the competition. After 24 hours of development, teams present their results in a 3 min video.
We chose to work on the reuse of a Bombardier CRJ-100 in order to turn it into urban furniture for the innovation district in Montréal. Our main goal was to propose a concept which enables the almost integral recycling of multiple planes to create meeting spaces in the city-center while highlighting canadian aeronautic's knowledge. Our work firstly focused on doing researches about project's stakes and then determine the reusable parts of the airplane. After defining multiple pre-concepts, we modelled the retained concepts on CATIA and we testedd their kinematic when needed.
As a result of these 24 hours, we developped concepts such as new bus stations or an energetically self-sufficient car park presented in the demonstration video. We ended the competition with the 3rd place out of 16 at the local UTBM edition.

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