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Welcome !

My name is Maxime LEFEBVRE and I am a French engineer based in Paris, France. I graduated in 2015 with an engineering degree from the University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard where I specialized in mechatronic design. As part of my job I chose to focus on the test and control systems.

I am currently on a 6-month trip in the south of the US. I am therefore looking for new opportunities in the west of France (Paris area not icluded) starting in August or September 2018. I mainly focus on roles such as LabVIEW Developer or Architect for which I would be happy to bring my expertise. However, I am always enthusiastic about discovering new areas, for example sales or marketing and I am open to any opportunity that would enable me to develop my abilities even more and to diversify my fields of expertise.

Have a pleasant visit on my website and feel free to click on any link or to contact me for more information.

Applications Engineers Team Leader

04/17 > 10/17 - National Instruments France, Nanterre (FR)

Fulfill Applications Engineers tasks (see below) while leading a team of 6 people. New tasks include : managing and coaching AEs to ensure they can grow their skills to deliver high quality support and classes ; defining plannings and ensuring the proper execution of training and team development plans ; participating in the recruitment process (both within and outside of NI) ; collaborating with other services to meet their requests and ensure customer success. Specific focus on customer education management, regurlarly liaising with the associated department and the AEs to make sure that classes are delivered with success.


  • Related to : Management | Planning | Recruitment | Communication | People and customer success

Localization Engineer

01/17 > 04/17 - National Instruments Corporation, Austin (US)

Participate in the testing of the French localized version of LabVIEW 2017 and LabVIEW NXG 1.0 in collaboration with translators and R&D managers/developers. Tests include verifying the translation of the software, the installers or the documentation and that everything is functionnal.

  • Related to : Localization | Testing | LabVIEW | English | Communication | Intercultural

Applications engineer

01/16 > 04/17 - National Instruments France, Nanterre (FR)

Ensure the interface between NI and our customers in order to find creative and timely solutions to their technical applications. This includes helping customer via mail, phone or directly on-site and implies to conduct customer training courses, present technical seminars or attend tradeshows. Instructor for LabVIEW Core 1, 2 and 3, DAQ and ECM with LabVIEW, DIAdem Basics and Advanced.

  • Related to : Technical support | Customer education | LabVIEW | cDAQ | cRIO | RT | FPGA | DIAdem

Part-Time Teacher

09/16 > 01/17 - ESIGELEC, Rouen (FR)

Ensure the supervision of the Instrumentation and Systems module. In charge of about 45 engineering students through LabVIEW classes and project monitoring.

  • Related to : LabVIEW | Student education | Project supervision

Junior laboratory engineer (intern)

03/15 > 08/15 - Groupe Atlantic/Thermor, Saint-Jean-de-la-Ruelle (FR)

Design a new testbench for the homologation of electric heaters. Define laboratory's technical needs to propose a solution that would comply with the European norm. The hardware includes the selection of linear axes, brushless motors, sensors and data acquisition cards. The software was developed on LabVIEW (approx. 70 VI) to acquire the data and control the motors, thus fulfilling the requirements specified by the technicians. Validation and homologation of the new testbench by the evaluation of different test cases.

  • Related to : Dimensioning | Testbench | Sensors | Actuators | LabVIEW | Temperatures acquisition | Motor control

Laboratory engineer assistant (intern)

09/13 > 02/14 - C&K Components, Dole (FR)

Improvement of small metallic domes life tests. Characterisation of the mechanical properties of the domes via multiple tests : tensile tests, µhardness Vickers, etc. Proposition of pre-concepts for a crack detection system that would allow to determine domes life cycle with more precision. Determination of the best concept and development to prove its efficiency through life tests on different domes batches. Statistic analysis on MINITAB.

  • Related to : Dimensioning | Testbench | Mechanical and electrical tests | Analysis | MINITAB

Automation technician (intern)

04/12 > 07/12 - Alstom Transport, Saint-Ouen (FR)

Improvement of trains automatic commands. Proposition of modifications for the closed loop PI correction and implementation of a new PI² correction. This correction deeply impacts travel times between stations and users' comfort. Modification of the digital command sent to the train to reduce the system response time. Validation of the command through multiple disruption types : ramp, step... Validation of the whole modified MATLAB model within robustness test on different cases (e.g. Lausanne metro).

  • Related to : MATLAB | Servo-controls | Numeric design | Optimisation | Robustness tests

Industrial computing technician (intern)

04/10 > 06/10 - PSA Peugeot-Citroën, la Garenne-Colombes (FR)

Development of a post-processing software on MATLAB in order to improve car engine specification. Collection and improvement of existing analysis routines used by the calculation team. Creation of new routines based on the needs specified by my colleagues (e.g. modification of multiple files extension at once). Implementation of routines on a MATLAB GUI.

  • Related to : MATLAB GUI | Calculus routines | Data processing | Programming


To The Flag
C language | Algorithmic | SDL
Fabulous Guitar Virtuoso
Frequency analysis on LabVIEW
LabVIEW | Sensors | Digital signals processing
Resolution of 1D systems
C language | Algorithmic


Measurement robot
Dimensioning | CATIA | Sensors | Actuators
24h of innovation 2013
Dimensioning | CATIA
Design of a screw-propelled vehicle
Dimensioning | CATIA | FEA | Management
Modelling of a four-stroke engine


Light acquisition module
Electronics | KiCAD | Sensors | µcontroller


Gala de Prestige 2014
Management | Planning
Covering a "ciné-concert"
Bass | Video edition

Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering and Design

09/12 > 08/15 - Université de Technologie de Belfort-Montbéliard, Belfort (FR)

Majoring in Mechatronic Systems Design

Courses include : Design methods, CAD and modelling, Non-destructive material testing and analysis, Modelling techniques, Introduction to multi-physics simulations, Solids and structures mechanics, Introduction to structural analysis, Virtual instrumentation, Sensors and measurement, Actuators, Servo-controlled mechanical systems, Mechatronic and robotic design, Signal processing, Industry and innovation project work, Laboratory project, Introduction to industrial design, Active participation in student association, Health and safety module, Global communication for companies

BSc in Mathematics, Computer Science and Applications

09/11 > 07/12 - UFR SITEC, Ville d'Avray (FR)

Majoring in Electronics, with honours

Courses include : Analog modulation and demodulation, Digital signal processing, Hyperfrequency, VHDL and FPGA, Telecommunications and networks, Materials physics, Optoelectronics, Servo-control, Waves physics, Numerical analysis, Use of electronics softwares (KiCAD, PSPICE...), Use of industrial softwares (LabVIEW, Matlab...)

Third year of Computer Engineering studies

09/10 > 06/11 - Université de Technologie de Compiègne, Compiègne (FR)

Courses include : Algorithm and data structures, Object-oriented programming and design, Data bases design, Architecture of a processing element, History of physical theories, Logic : history and formalism

UG Tech Degree in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing

09/8 > 06/10 - IUT de Ville d'Avray, Ville d'Avray (FR)

Majoring in Automation and Networks

Courses include : Introduction to algebra and trigonometry, Introduction to analysis, Integral calculus and differential equations, Applied mathematics elements, Mathematics tools for Fourier analysis, Discrete signals mathematics, Sensors, EMC, Electromagnetism, Optoelectronics, Electronics basic functions and components, Electronics fundamental functions, Chokes and phase transformers, DC machines and tilting, Linear circuits and components, Electricity distribution and safety, 2nd order systems, Filters, Commands of industrial systems, Networks, Servo-control, Analysis of logical systems, Algorithms and programming, Processors systems architecture, Process supervision and controls, Data bases management, Initiation to LabVIEW, Matrix calculus

A-Levels in science

09/7 > 06/8 - French International School of Beijing, Beijing (CN)

Majoring in Physics-Chemistry, with honours


English - Fluent (C1) | 950/990 at TOEIC (2010)
Spanish - Conversational (B1) | 90/100 at DELE B1 (2014)
Chinese - Beginner | Writing and reading notions
Norwegian - Beginner | Writing notions

Hobbies and interests

Music | Bassist in a Rock band (listen) and drummer
Reading | Scientific magazines and novels
Travels | Many stays in Europe, Asia and North America.
Lived 1 year in Beijing (China) and 9 months in Austin, TX (US)
Computing | Websites creation
Sport | Running

Associative life

Manager of the UTBM Gala 2014 | Managing a team of 14 people in order to organise an event hosting 1500 people (diner + evening) with a budget of € 80.000. More info on my portfolio.
Secretary at the UTBM Students Association | Drafting of the meetings summary, liaising with contributors, association's mailbox management
Volunteer for multiples events | TEDx Belfort (lights), SXSW Austin, Gala (installation and desinstallation), Industrial Congress (flows management), Open Days (welcoming the visitors), departement diner (installation and desinstallation)...

Feel free to contact me !